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What is the first step in starting my leadership portfolio. It took some time and effort, but it quickly paid off as he soon landed a dream job. You can use a leadership portfolio in any situation in which you need to demonstrate your leadership abilities, such as a job or internship interview. Students will understand that this personalized portfolio can aid them in their career decisionmaking process, securing employment, preparing for career and technical. This portfolio illustrates my leadership skills through essays, case studies, and personal experiences.

This will make it easier for your network to recommend your work to others. Portfolio options are geared toward presenting graphic elements rather than text. Portfolio with essential practice competencies welcome to the cdr professional development portfolio guide. This portfolio could be used as a stepping block towards understanding who you are and where you would like to be in the future. Careers at behance adobe portfolio blog powered by behance creative career tips download the app ios apps android apps. Adobe portfolio build your own personalized website. If you participate in online networking, add a link to your online portfolio. A list of the items that you have placed in the document. Regardless if a hardcopy or the website format, the career portfolio should be organized, neat, and easy to navigate. Establish a table of contents or index, much like you would find in any book. Ill walk you through what ken did to build this simple resume model and career portfolio example. Physically, its a collection of things tangible materials that represent workrelated events in your life. Become comfortable as more of a spokesperson for the yale programs i work on. You can perform common tasks such as, adding files or folders, creating a new folder, extracting component file, or deleting a component file the left navigation pane lists the files and folders included in the pdf portfolio.

The portfolio will stay with you for your entire career. Now included free with any creative cloud subscription. Combine pdfs into a single pdf file, cover page is first. Oct 24, 20 career portfolio examples sample business career portfolio sample stay safe and healthy. This way you always have a professionally presented portfolio in your pocket. Always keep in mind that an informative and attractive portfolio is specifically used to provide more information about a candidates career when he or she is seeking for employment.

The electronic version of the reflective portfolio must be more than a collection of files. The career portfolio, in its many forms, serves as a dynamic, developmental tool to assist the new economy learner and worker achieve success in this challenging world of work. A career portfolio is a collection of documents and other easily portable artifacts that people can use to validate claims they make about themselves. Your career portfolio can help you organize and describe your. Ken supplemented his resume with a great career portfolio. This is an excellent tool to maintain, collect and protect your career related documents in an organized and professional manner. Create an outstanding art portfolio starting with why less. Developing your professional portfolio mmg connect. A career portfolio provides you an opportunity to showcase your achievements and samples. Apr 19, 2019 pdf portfolios are the happy middle between an online portfolio and a print portfolio. The process of creating a portfolio enables you to demonstrate examples of. These are ideal if you need to showcase work visually. Ask your teachers, parents, and friends for advice and feedback to help you develop an outstanding portfolio, one that provides a comprehensive profile of you and your abilities.

Many companies do initial online research when deciding whom to interview a portfolio that appears in a web search can help you clear this first hurdle, according to new york times career coach eileen zimmerman. By default, the files and folders are displayed alphabetically. These files are uploaded directly to the host site. You can keep a pdf of your best work on your tablet or phone to show people when they ask you what kind of art you specialize in. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. A professional portfolio is an organized collection of relevant documents and. The fsu career portfolio allows you to present your. Recording these details as they occur will allow you to quickly and easily access facts about your accomplishments to share with professors, employers, and graduate school admissions committees. Your resume may have gotten you an interview, but once in the interview, you want to make sure you really stand out. Similar to a bound portfolio, the online version includes artifacts, such as presentations, illustrations and photographs. Publish a pdf portfolio on a website for others to view. A career portfolio is not a resume, which simply lists your experiences and accomplishments. If you are having a hard time in making this document, you can refer to the samples available in this post so you can have more idea on how to create a professional career portfolio with ease.

A guide to developing a career portfolio showcasing. The internet makes it easier than ever to share your work samples. Career portfolio matthew william waechter 170 saratoga ave. Portfolio because it documents your qualifications for a position. How to create a career portfolio with pictures wikihow. In order for you to write a jobadmitting document, one of the thoughts that you should never forget is the fact that you are not the only possible candidate for the position you want. Employers and college admissions staff will use your completed portfolio to judge your academic ability, maturity, and motivation. A usual career portfolio contains the following details. Mar 16, 2010 career portfolio matthew william waechter 170 saratoga ave. Career portfolio sample portfolio samples, career, portfolio. A career portfolio is a collection of documents and other easily portable.

Career portfolio users guide use the career portfolio to compile information documenting the skills and experiences you gain every semester at fsu. A students career portfolio should be updated and maintained by the student throughout their high school career. If you are interested in starting a portfolio, send an email to our academic development specialist at. A portfolio contains samples of your work that exhibit and reveal the quality and variety of your learning, your accomplishments, your skills, and your experiences. A career portfolio can be used to fill in the gaps. Do not leave your portfolio behind, unless you have created a mini tailored presentation portfolio that has been created solely for the interviewer. Quickly and simply build a personalized website to showcase your creative work with adobe portfolio. A short description of who you are as a professional which can be in the form of a career statement.

How you organize and provide access to sections of your reflective portfolio will be a significant component of edd 6000. Include your portfolio s web address on all job search communication. Rote lock haven university bachelors of science in accounting bachelors of science in business administration with concentrations in. Since 1974, when i completed my first consulting assignment, i have been building a career in. A list of your contact details, online pages, and digital work portfolio. How do i think these aspirations can best be met at yale. Include your portfolios web address on all job search communication. Pdf portfolios are the happy middle between an online portfolio and a print portfolio. They are essential and relevant to your own career development. Transition assessment resource guide cover 2 author. More behance careers at behance adobe portfolio blog powered by behance creative career tips download the app. Create an outstanding art portfolio starting with why less is. Careers portfolio careers portfolio portfolios provide you with a personal record of your success or improvement in a range of areas.

The middle school transition portfolio guide provides sample teaching strategies that relate directly to the requirements for transition as mandated in the individuals with disabilities education act idea, 1990 and in the idea amendments 1997. The pdp guide is contained in the separate pdp guide pdf to be found elsewhere on the cdr website. You will add to it regularly as you master certain skills relevant to your career objectives. Career portfolio guide 6 artifacts the technical term for an item in a portfolio is an artifact. Share a pdf portfolio with others and be sure that they are getting all the component parts. The pdf portfolio toolbar is located immediately below the main toolbar. Nw 330 7053581 canton, ohio 44708 slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Though this material is based on my personal experiences in the teaching profession, you. Portfolios can be made in powerpoint and saved as a. The career portfolio should demonstrate workrelated skills, abilities, qualities necessary to fulfill the potential of specific career and the evidence to support it. The ideas in this resource have been designed primarily for use by teachers of career studies courses, but are useful to all teachers who wish to use studentdeveloped portfolios in their programs.

I define effective leadership as good communication. Read the text, then click continue near the bottom of the page. Examples might include an article written by a student that underwent significant revision and editing by other, jointly written manuals or reports, the technician who completes a major project but with significant technical assistance from the engineering. Create an online portfolio minnesota state careerwise. Creating a career portfolio take time to think about your career and accomplishments. A personal and career portfolio is an organized collection of evidence that shows your accomplishments both in and out of school. Oct 24, 20 career portfolio examples sample business career portfolio sample. The secret weapon that anyone can bring to an interview to stand out. This document is designed to make it easy for you to display your best work and accomplishments. Free or subscriptionbased portfolios tend to allow a wider range of file types, and larger files. Drag files to rearrange, and drop files to folders, or folder to another folder at the same level in the navigation pane of the pdf portfolio.

Some schools even use portfolio assessment as a basis for high school graduation. Jul 20, 2018 ken supplemented his resume with a great career portfolio. A brief overview of the process this booklet, known as the pdp guide, will help you navigate the 3 steps of your cdr recertification process, whether this is your first cycle or even your fourth. Building a personal and career portfolio is a support for teachers and a guide for students in the development and maintenance of a portfolio. An artifact is any actual item that can provide evidence to demonstrate who you are e. View examples of career portfolios by college, including excerpts from career portfolio contest winners career portfolios. We decided to help you out with portfolio design templates, ideas, and inspiration for your portfolio. Remember a professional portfolio is a valuable creative tool that can be utilized. The elements that you will put together in your own career portfolio can reflect your individuality as well as your professionalism. If you have the ability to convert your files into a highresolution pdf before you send to. Portfolio with essential practice competencies table of contents.

Career portfolio sampler third edition by martin kimeldorfauthor of portfolio power preface the pages you are holding illustrate the wide range of work samples or artifacts that can be included in todays career portfolio. Thank you for this opportunity to write to you about my potential for assisting a career guidance organization, and my value to those who seek to explore and pursue career options. Some of the portfolio designs can also be downloaded as templates which means you can use the design and layout to create your own portfolio from the file. A portfolio is generally used as a term to describe a culmination of a students or employees work throughout a period of time, and it is used to evaluate an individuals performance at work or in school.

A career portfolio is a visual representation of your abilities, skills, capabilities, knowledge, qualities and it represents your potential. Click select next to your current 5year recertification cycle. A guide to building a career portfolio manitoba career development. Portfolio with essential practice competencies if this is not your first portfolio cycle, you will see multiple cycle dates. This may be a good option if you need a simple portfolio. Preparing your career portfolio could be the single most important piece of preparing for your job of interest. Artifacts can come in almost a limitless variety of forms including written text, pictures, documents. Or create a portfolio in word that can be sent as an attachment with your resume andor cover letter. Industrial design portfolio 201617 industrial design portfolio 2015. How to create an interview portfolio for a job the muse.

Your personal portfolio is a compilation of relevant work samples and documents gathered during your school years and presented in a structured manner. He joined highperformance technologies, inc on 12 oct 09 and is assigned to the signal and image processing group at the supercomputing center at wrightpatterson afb ohio. Preparing your portfolio developing and maintaining a professional portfolio is an effective marketing tool you can use in addition to your resume. Place the items back in your portfolio at the end of the interview. Orientation to career portfolios coastal carolina community college. July 4, 2012 professional goalsmotivations what are my professional growth and career aspirations. This is the reason why you should ensure that your career portfolio is created based on your qualifications, personal brand and professional performance.

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