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Upton bass specializes in building custom handmade double basses with designs developed over years of working closely with some of the worlds finest upright bass players. Its a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at. In this article, we are going to discuss the basics of the bass guitar tapping technique. Welcome to the talkingbass free online bass lesson map. Since 1997, weve proudly offered a varied line of pickups and microphones, preamps, and amplifiers for double bass at very good prices. In fact, some may argue that tapping sounds just as good, if not better, on a bass. Pickups are also mounted to the body and work like little microphones that pick up the sound from the strings. We have over 150 freely available lessons, interviews transcriptions, and articles to help you learn the double bass. Bass making book by peter chandler, for building an upright string double bass lemuel violins double bass making book building, construction, upright, acoustic home.

Our expert tutors cover a diverse range of styles including jazz, classical, blues and more. Simple walking bass line for jazz beginners talkingbass. Feb 20, 2019 this upright double bass comes in size 44 and it is operated upright like most double basses. Bass books bass musician magazine, the face of bass. Ultimate tapping for bass guitar covers all elements of the tapping technique from the absolute basics through to advanced two handed contrapuntal techniques. Watch as derek jones, bassist for ka by cirque du soleil, shows us his tips for bass tapping. Tapping gauge, four string for tapping and grooving on my 6. Rockabilly slap bass lesson 4 12 bar blues in c alternate bass, triple slap plus theory wtabs duration. I just read a book about the evolution of the double bass this past week end. Talkingbass online bass lessons recommended for you. Upright bass method and study books, simandl, hrabe, solo music, montanari, etudes, 8006002689, lowest prices. Upright bass method and study books string emporium. Double bass making book building, construction, upright. Scales and chords for the upright bass the following keys should be learned in the order presented.

The bass is a standard member of the orchestras string section, as well as the concert band, and is featured in concertos, solo, and chamber music in western classical music. This is a nice websiteblog about playing upright bass. Laminated bass, carved bass, hybrid bass, acoustic bass, upright bass, string bass, double bass, vintage bass, lemur music bass. For aesthetics, it has maple back, sides and neck with arched back construction. Low resonance plus the need for audible volume meant huge instruments like the mandobass mandolin style and the regal bassoguitar, which was a monster cross between an acoustic guitar and an upright bass.

An upright bass, also known as the bass or double bass, is a stringed musical instrument that is played either by plucking its strings pizzicato or with a bow arco. May 04, 2006 tapping for bass guitar lesson fast van halen billy sheehan style linear tapping duration. During the 17th and 18th centurys there the bass family diverged into two lines the four string and the 3 string with the 4 string version being used in germany and the 3 string version being used in france, italy, and england. This video is a bass lesson that demonstrates how to use a twohanded tapping technique often used by eddie van halen and others on guitar. The early days of bass playing must have been a nightmare. Introduction a chord is a set of tones producing a melody and is played on a guitar. This arrangement is meant for 2hand tapping but you could separate and play each line individually. Parts of the bass a bass is made up of three main sections. Over the years, weve added upright and electric upright basses, parts, strings, cases and stands, bows, and many other useful, quality products for bass players.

Upright bass sample library vst au aax kontakt virtual. Included are lessons on technique fundamentals, reading music, and basic music theory. A restoration shop since the beginning, upton bass stocks and services historic and fine vintage double basses. Mel bay 50 twohand tapping workouts for electric bass. Its accompanying accessories are a wellpadded bag for safety, bridge and 2 sets of strings. Practice the scale until you can play it continuously and fluently. Although bluegrass bass has a style of its own, the knowledge gained through this method is applicable to virtually any musical genre. All of the other parts of the bass are mounted on these three sections.

I have never played a string instrument prior to this, although i do play piano and have played the flute, bagpipes, and piccolo over the years. Mar 17, 2014 ultimate tapping for bass guitar covers all elements of the tapping technique from the absolute basics through to advanced two handed contrapuntal techniques. The goal in any sample library that is also a vst virtual instrument, au audio unit or aax plugin is to attempt to match the performance of the kontakt player. Kyle has given me contra bass, aka upright bass,weekly lessons from august 2015 through may 2016. The technique for slap bass differs from that of standard bass. This lavishly produced volume large format and hardcover is a wondrous celebration of the instrument, including its origins and history, and the weird and wonderful shapes it has taken. Free double bass lessons library discover double bass. So having some great bass riffs under your fingers will really help your walking bass lines. This is the first in a series of lessons on tapping and related techniques for bass guitar. Mel bay 50 twohand tapping workouts for electric bass chris matheos on.

Used, aria swb upright upright electric bass with stand an. Strings are vertical while imaginary frets are shown horizontally. The book also includes a detailed history of the tapping technique across all instruments and biographies and interviews of the main contributors to the technique. Apr 11, 2020 if you love the groovy bass lines in popular funk and rock songs, you might want to learn how to play slap bass. Classical masterpieces for electric bass, compilated by mike cornelison. This book and accompanying audio is a detailed guide to learning how to play the upright bass. The suggested fingering for the scale is to the left of the diagram. Rockabilly slap bass lesson 1 the single slap youtube. The realist double bass pickup is the result of a collaboration between ned steinberger and nycbased luthier david gage.

The bass lines are good and one simple addition to know is that just about any chordwalking bass line, you can always use a leading tone that is, 12 step below to whatever is the next chord. The pink panther theme by henry mancini performed on electric bass by motyx. Your best off buying the e book mechanics of tapping or beaver feltons book on the subject as they are far superior to this book. Bass tablature for 2 hand tapping exercise by bass lessons. They felt a transducer should be equal in its ability to recreate an acoustic pizzicato and arco sound through commonly used amplifiers. From those who elevated the instrument from a mere timekeeping role, to versatile pathfinders and visionary composers, these are the 50 best jazz bassists in history. To do this on bass, you should put your middle finger over the top of your index finger to make a more solid tapping finger, and put your hand up the neck with your thumb on the back of the neck. I demonstrate how you can apply these patterns using the chord progression from fly me to the moon. Tapping for bass guitar lesson fast van halen billy. Thus, even if youre already a great bass player, youll want to spend some time learning the basic forms and motions behind the slap sound. The bridge is the assembly that anchors the strings to the body.

Gollihur music upright basses, pickups, preamps, amps, and more. While eddie van halen may be the godfather of tapping, this doesnt mean that tapping a guitarist only technique. The large, hollow body of the bass makes tapping the instrument quite effective. I have been playing bass for quite some time, but realize that there is a super limited to non existent choice on books on the subject of tapping on bass. The double bass, or simply the bass and numerous other names, is the largest and lowestpitched bowed, or plucked string instrument in the modern symphony orchestra. It is best to stick to hand taps rather than using beaters. Belly, ribs and back all produce a different sound, making the instrument resembles a tomtom. Aug 07, 2015 at last, here is a method book for the upright string bass or dog house bass as it is affectionately known in bluegrass circles. The realist double bass pickup by david gage upton bass. Upright bass resources the bass worm humidifier the wheel watch for the right size endpin rest endpin ball attached alternative to endpin rest pops rosin nymans rosin upright bass stand. This is a structured plan of all the mark j smith video bass lessons divided by topic. Designed for beginners, no prior musical knowledge is necessary.

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