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Trialdirector helps you organize exhibi ts and depositions, prepare cases for trial, and enhance case presentations. The best way to find out is to try our servicefree. The amount of money the law firm or their client is paying to have a video deposition conducted, and to have that as the required final product, due to a software companys refusal to develop their software appropriately, is robbery. Synchronize deposition video with court reporter transcript. How text synchronization in video depositions benefits your case. This video is a perfect solution to audio video synchronization issues and much more. Using a video synched dvd in trial will captivate the jury in a way that is virtually impossible with a printed transcript. And just like architects and interior designers, the output of a software designer is specifications blueprints for the engineers to follow. Making a synchronized and wellformatted deposition video. One major reason youll need a videographer is that a pro can easily sync the transcript with the video. We shoot depositions throughout the san francisco bay area with and are available 247. Synchronization forensic video deposition services. I was always wondering and preparing for how it would fail.

Allows court reporters to provide live audio, video, and real time deposition text via livenote stream. Our video recording system allows for hours of continuous recording without interruption, so you can proceed with your examination without the annoying 5minute warning or changing tapes every hour. Textmap deposition management software helps with fulltext searching of annotations, issue codes, exhibits and transcripts so you can quickly pinpoint key evidence. Widely used by legal videographers, court reporters, and law firms, the software automatically synchronizes transcripts and video depositions using advanced speech and pattern recognition technologies. Video synchronization is the marriage of the deposition transcript text with the. Deliver a free easytouse viewer that your clients can use to create and present deposition video clips. Thousands of legal professionals have upgraded their sync using synchron. Synchronize transcript to video lake cook reporting. Deliver data to your clients with a free exhibit transcript video viewer. With this technology, legal professionals can instantly cue and play portions of video simply by referencing line numbers or keywords in the script. Aug 22, 2012 video clips can be exported into case management or trial presentation software or powerpoint, and emailed or saved to the computer or network as computer video files that are accompanied by closedcaption files to allow synchronized text to be played using standard video file players on most any computer.

Because the transcript and video are synchronized, you can select the portion of testimony that you do or do not want to play. Mp4 and trial presentationsync software legal video forum. Timecoder pro is video and transcript synchronization software widely used by legal videographers, court reporters, and law firms. Export synchronized video depositions with linked exhibits to other programs. Far less expensive than traditional stenographer court reporter methods. The concern about technology breakdown is real, but usually solvable. However, your playback software may not be as flexible most trial presentation software will suggest video be in mpeg1 format. For the past year, ive been working on discos upcoming case management product case builder.

The court reporters transcript is synchronized with the legal video to provide a powerful and persuasive tool. Taylor court reporters kentucky uses stateoftheart digital video cameras with high definition technology. Most of the time when getting a disc made using visionary you will find a viewer program that allows reading the transcript alongside any exhibits or video files if synced in addition to a pdf file for your own use. Depending on how an attorney would like to use the synched video transcript, it can be viewed on either a computer or standard dvd player. Jan 20, 2020 the transcript is named automatically based on the fields in the. It empowers you with the overall benefits a video deposition entails, while also improving your visual experience with the transcription provided by a court reporter. Autosync video deposition synchronization synchron voice. You can easily make excerpts for playback in court, hearings, or even in another deposition.

Trialdirector 360 ipro tech trial presentation software. Synchronization ascii transcripts with legal video deposition. Depoview and yeslaw are options if you would prefer a digital video transcript dvt format. Managing deposition content becomes even easier with industrys first integration of video into a single client deposition repository easy to use deposition management portal, esquireconnect. Custom video services synchronizing video to transcript. If you get audio video sync software already in hand, it will be very easy to settle.

Whether youre working with documents, images, photographs, transcripts, video testimony, or animations, you can easily view, manage, and present them using. Visionary professional was designed to handle and manage the large volume of transcripts, exhibits and videos connected with a casefrom the original. What is included on a synchronized video deposition. Hd, mpeg1, mpeg2, mp4, except for hd, all can be synchronized to trial director or sanction. We have been serving the legal community for over 34 years, providing a high level of service and the fast turnaround times that attorneys require. Synchronization and conversion are key to a courtfriendly deposition video. The case for video depositions esquire deposition solutions. When this occurs, we pause the video and stop scrolling the transcript to give them time to focus on the task at hand. Synchronizing is the process when a video file is synchronized with the court reporters ascii text.

Videotext synchronization is your key to a good deposition. Getting the most out of your video synced depositions video. Read below content to check the most appropriate software that you like to use based on the detailed introduction and comparison. Where an eight hour deposition might span 45 standard resolution dvds, converting the files to mpeg1s allow us to fit the entire run time on one dvd. Now you are debating whether or not to synchronize the video. Video synchronization enables you to rapidly locate key deposition testimony link directly to the video, audio, and transcript text. Once the digital video file is converter, the video must be. Sanction trial presentation and syncing kentuckiana.

Another popular deposition production software, visionary, works much like a combination of pdf and the etranscript viewer. Also, please note that in order to be as reliable as it is, oncue is designed to work the best with. Just like you see with closed captioning on the television. Forensic video is above all a service oriented company, dedicated to the valued customers we have accrued all over the world. Mar 30, 2017 any deposition worth video recording is worth doing professionally. Videotext synchronization milwaukee wisconsin court. Depoview allows you to create and save video clips, search transcripts, and export synchronized video depositions to other programs. Timecoder pro is indatas popular video and transcript.

Aug 24, 2017 video text synchronization is a multimedia tool which can be considered as a key to enhance your legal depositions. Before a deposition can be used in most trial presentation software it needs to be in the correct digital format. We are known for our responsive, courteous staff, our attention to detail, and the legal savvy that comes from working with some of the very best lawyers that arizona and the rest of the u. This extremely useful tool comes free with visionary autosyncer. If you are not using a trial presentation software no problem. A fully licensed copy of this incredible software has been reserved for you, free of charge, courtesy of. Managing deposition content becomes even easier with. Mpeg1s are the standard format for video synchronization programs. Veritext virtual includes up to 100 remote participants in a deposition simply using their webcamequipped computers or mobile devices and an internet connection.

We can synchronize to multiple formats and software. Synchronized deposition video dcm digital case management. Users will often switch from passively watching the deposition to making an annotation. Livenote stream is deposition software that lets you broadcast the audio, video, and text of a deposition securely and in realtime to all members of your litigation team anywhere in the world where there is internet access. With videotranscript synchronization, the transcript text being spoken by the deponent is highlighted and scrolled as the video is played. This leaves a synchronization point in the software at the start of each new line. Lake cook reporting utilizes a variety of industrystandard programs to synchronize deposition video to transcripts produced by our court reporters. The transcript is named automatically based on the fields in the. In a nutshell, we synchronize your transcript word for word, with the video, into. Software to create bundles of transcripts and exhibits that can be imported into case notebook. Time stamped transcripts are synchronized and put on a dvd. These files work well for synchronization purposes because they are generally smaller and easier to transport.

Dcm digital case management will synchronize your deposition video or other video and audio files with their transcripts for all the major trial presentation software systems. Lit software develops innovative and easy to use apps for litigation that increase efficiency and reduce costs. But even when sound and audio quality are superior, attorneys often go a step further to maximize the effect of a video by ordering video text synchronization. Legal videographers videoconferencing veritext video. Textmap deposition management lexisnexis litigation solutions. Synchronization is the process of synchronizing the encoded video file with the deposition transcript. Livelitigations localrealtime is the best tool a reporter can use for streaming realtime text to attorneys. Utilizing videotaped deposition footage can be prefered over traditional transcripts as.

Gramann reportings video text synchronization allows you to view the testimony alongside the deposition video by creating a digital video transcript. Synchronize video to transcript text with industryleading software. Why lawyers should embrace videoconference depositions. Attend onsite or remote depositions, trials, hearings, and more with our allinone litigation event software for realtime streaming, videoconferencing, and electronic exhibits. The lights go down, the screen lights upbut stays stubbornly blue. Video text synchronization is a multimedia tool which can be considered as a key to enhance your legal depositions. With sync d transcripts, you are also given the ability to quickly create rough video clips of your depositions if you chose to do so yourself. Synchronize depositions, voicemail, any video or audio file with its. Today, court reporters can use digital realtime software that can be synced with your video easily, giving attorneys the added benefit of. Synchronize or not to synchronize a video deposition. Of all the legal video firms, and video deposition firms, we are a legal video firm who is proud to be known not only as a video deposition firm, and our photographic and video production services, but for expert consultation as video consultants, and expert testimony in trial. The synchronizing software used to connect the transcript and the video together word for word using speech and pattern recognition.

But do not wait until the day of the deposition or the day before. In videoconference depositions the most likely failure is an internet problem. We deliver the synched deposition on a single flash drive or sd card that can hold hours and hours of testimony in. The two best things about oncue are its reliability and speed. Synchronizing is the process of linking your deposition video or any video or audio file with the written transcript, so that they play back in synch. Add searchable notes, annotations, issue codes and. Video synchronization is the marriage of the deposition transcript text with the audio video portion of the deposition. Videotext synchronization is a multimedia tool which can be considered as a key to enhance your legal depositions. Textmap deposition management lexisnexis litigation. Jul 30, 2019 if the user starts an annotation, or activates an existing annotation, the video is paused and sync remains on. We were the first louisville court reporting firm to begin using visionary trial presentation and synchronization software.

Magna legal services operates state of the art video conference facilities. A synchronized transcript is the paginated and linenumbered text of a deposition synchronized in time with the associated video files mpeg1, mp4 of that deposition. Easy redaction of sustained objections in depositions. Synchronizing video to transcript custom video services, inc. Whether you need to initiate or join a vtc anywhere across the globe, magnas cross platform technology will provide a strong secure connection.

Timecoder pro is indatas popular video and transcript synchronization software. Popular deposition transcript and video file formats for. Making a synchronized and wellformatted deposition video youve spent a lot of money on your trial software, and youre eager to show a jury the power of your multimedia presentation. Video synchronization is the marriage of the deposition transcript text with the audiovideo portion of the deposition.

However, your playback software may not be as flexible most trial presentation software will suggest video. It works seamlessly with ios and android devices, as well as traditional proprietary software systems like livenote and summation. Full integration with case notebook gives you a comprehensive solution to manage your legal cases and litigation efforts. Follow the transcript linebyline with video, or search specific words and phrases in transcripts to view in the video. Our video and voice software allows onetoone or group video communication. Download top five audio video sync software that you must like. No special software is required, and your juries will be able to see and hear inconsistencies and contradictions in witnesses statements for themselves. Video synchronization software, as the name suggests, synchronizes a video deposition with its written transcript. Youve spent a lot of money on your trial software, and youre eager to show a jury the power of your multimedia presentation. Sync files are created for use with trial director, sanction, summation, oncue, and many more. Upgrade your sync without having to change your trial app.

Synchronizing video to transcript legal video of wyoming. Even so, the strength of video depositions rests foremost on their visual and audio quality. In advancements in court reporting technology, we discussed how video synced depositions are beneficial in the many phases of litigation. What is the difference between a recorded mobile videoconference, and one with a legal videographer. Time and again it continues to work like it should. Even when the video is downconverted to be compatible with the trial presentation software the images are sharp and clear. Video audio is automatically synchronized through depose. Contact synchron today to find out how you can have a onehour deposition synchronized at no cost to see if synchrons autosync is right for you. Sanction trial presentation and syncing as you are probably aware andor tired of hearing, we pride ourselves on staying at the cutting edge of litigation and trial presentation technology. Youll then be able to take all the depositions in a case, search the transcripts for any words or topics you want, and with one click find the precise frame of. Video deposition testimony may be used to impeach a witness at trial if their testimony changes.

Lake cook reporting utilizes a variety of industrystandard programs to synchronize deposition. Digitally mixed with a highend laptop we can combine inputs from computers or ipads as well as the elmo to combine your documents, photos or video with the witness video. Synchronizing video with a transcript can be hard to do in many trial prep packages, and the accuracy can be lacking. Transcripts are easily textsearched or selections may be. Search through your video depositions based on keywords, create custom video clips and share them with others. Our service works with the leading legal industry software like trialdirector, sanction, summation, reallegal, livenote, textmap, west case and trial max. Text video synchronization makes the searching and editing process a snap.

Transcript production software for court reporters. Link exhibits directly to relevant transcript text and show synchronized audio video together with the transcript. Create sync data that is compatible with both visionary and other popular litigation software. Industry leading sdhd video recording equipment with 5 year archival and multiple file formats. Encoding is the process of converting deposition video tapes to digital format. For those of you who have not yet used a video synced deposition or would like to find out more about how you can use it, we made a short tutorial video to walk through what you can do with a video synced deposition file. A professional videographer usually manages the sound and audio quality of video depositions. Video depositions and text synchronization what are they. Because all of our sync ing is done inhouse, we provide you with faster turnaround and lower rates on every deposition.

Getting the most out of your video synced depositions. Trialdirector 360 is full of features that will make your trial go smoothly. Playing back video in court used to be incredibly stressful with other trial presentation software. These video clips can be imported into the trial software of your choice or email them. Benefits of using synchronized text in video depositions. Services video deposition synchronization synchron. Top five audio video sync software that you must like. Dec 20, 2018 read this post to know best audio video sync software that i believe youll be interested in to fix your movies or tv episodes that have audio track unsynchronized with the speakers. Litigation teams can easily collaborate with trialdirector 360. You can import the synched video into trial director, sanction, live note, summation, ammicus, and more. To obtain our lowest legal video rates for synchronizing your video deposition and transcript, call 800 3835704 or choose an option from the following links. Communicate and collaborate via video link anywhere. Circle video productions offers a variety of video services for legal professionals.

If this data is incorrect, you can easily fix the id and name using the properties pane. The software enables users to convert hd video to mainstream video, audio, and mobile device, act as video compressor that has 5x compression rate and assures compression with a minimum quality loss, allows batch conversion and editing options like cropping, cutting, ringtone studio and many special effects. Streamline your entire trial presentation process with one simple tool. Syncuploader is very flexible and can sync to just about any digital media. Jan 23, 2018 now you are debating whether or not to synchronize the video. Veritext virtual the closest thing to being there veritext. Timestamp synchronization is an automated approach to the video to text synchronization process.

Video services louisville ky court reporters taylor. Present virtually any type of document or media from your pc and create deposition clips in a snap. This can be done in house, but the longer the deposition video, the more costly the process can become. The mobile videoconference deposition and the videographer. Frequently asked questions about deposition videography, synchronized depositions, trial presentations, site and vehicle video inspections, idayinthelifei videos and other legal video and trial presentation subjects. Potentially gamechanging, synchronized video depositions feature builtin software that synchronizes video with the written transcription provided by the court reporter and legal videographer team. First, you need to have a local person test the internet in the proposed deposition location.

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