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Describe ways in which citizens can organize, monitor, or influence government and politics at the local, state, and national levels. Civil war and reconstruction social media posts this activity allows students to choose from 12 different civil war and reconstruction leaders and heroes in order to create social media posts from their perspective. Break students into groups of three and distribute the three amendment papers and the amendment worksheet frontback. Following the election of president abraham lincoln in 1860, decades of tensions between the north and south, primarily over slavery and states rights, exploded. Congress refused to accept the rehabilitation of tennessee, arkansas, and louisiana. Civil war and reconstruction loudoun county public. Analyze president lincolns reconstruction plans for after the civil war and the tension. Introduction the process of rebuilding that followed the american civil war 18611865, since the united states had never before experienced civil war, the end of hostilities left americans to grapple with a set of pressing questions over what to do with the south after the defeat of the. Access thousands of highquality, free k12 articles, and create online assignments with them for your students. The american civil war was fought between the northern and southern states of the united states between 1861 and 1865. Download the conflicting newspaper accounts lesson plan pdf overview. Reconstruction reading after the confederates surrendered at appomattox court house, the united states needed to start rebuilding after four years of fighting in the civil war.

The civil war and reconstruction history and social studies. In this lesson, students will learn about this period of history, examining the various historical perspectives regarding how to best restore life in the south. Describe the expansion of civil rights and liberties in the civil war reconstruction period through the th, 14th and 15th amendments. The tension between african americans federal and local rights raises questions about the impact of reconstruction on the freedom of former slaves. Lincoln and reconstruction the role of president lincoln in reconstruction 186365. Displaying all worksheets related to 8th grade civil war and reconstruction. The civil war timeline 18611877 covers the north, the south, african american soldiers, freedmen, and reconstruction with primary sources from american. Describe the expansion of civil rights and liberties in the civil warreconstruction period through the th, 14th and 15th amendments. He loves reading about it, watching movies, studying the battles and their weapons. Civil war and reconstruction interactive notebook pages for american history. Swbat demonstrate knowledge of the reconstruction of virginia following the civil war by identifying the effects of reconstruction on life in virginia. While we talk concerning reconstruction worksheets printable, we have collected some related images to add more info. Additional support material provided through a powerpoint presentation and corresponding note sheet. Lincoln wanted a moderate reconstruction plan, which would allow the south to unite with the north.

Finally, students should be able to analyze the impact that reconstruction had on georgia and the other southern states. Civil war and reconstruction american memory timeline. Review sheet exam the us civil war and reconstruction. Chapter 3 the civil war and reconstruction 125 slavery has equal rights with liberty, and surrenders all we have contended for. Reconstruction practice questions 1diversify agricultural production 2provide a labor supply to plantation owners 3give forty acres of land to freedmen 4guarantee economic equality for african americans 1after the civil war, the sharecropping system emerged in the south primarily as a way to. By the time the war ended, confederate banks were ruined, its factories destroyed, its people desolate, homeless, and starved, and its slaves freed. Reconstruction after the civil war database of k12 resources. Grade 04 social studies unit 08 exemplar lesson 02.

The guns that had been firing for four years were silent at last, and in virginia at. Compare the northern and southern states, discover the concepts of due process and equal protection, and understand how the former confederate states reacted to the reconstruction amendments. Era 5 the course and character of the civil war and its effects on the american people. Reconstruction the period following the civil war in which congress. The civil war series is rich in educational themes and content, and provides opportunities to explore a range of topics in depth. As ameri cans attempted to reunite their shattered nation, they faced many difficult ques tions. Civil war and reconstruction printable worksheets these are our standalone printable worksheets for the civil war and reconstruction.

Civil war map activity using the map of the united states during the civil war you will locate and identify 5 causes of the civil war. The constitutional amendments passed during reconstruction vastly expanded former slaves rights and opportunities. During our travels last year we visited a historic battlefield. In 1865, four years of brutal destruction in the civil war came to an end. The civil war and new patterns of american politics. Civil war period and reconstruction kids learn about one of the most significant periods in american history. After the civil war, the nation embarked on a period known as reconstruction, during which attempts were made to readmit the south to the union. The civil war saved the union but shook the nation to its roots. The civil war and reconstruction in texas this lesson is one approach to teaching the state standards associated with this unit.

Civil war reconstruction worksheets teachers pay teachers. Reconstruction is one of the most critical and complex periods in united states history. War and reconstruction complete unit bundle civil war and reconstruction interactive notebook pages for american history. But if youre looking for humor, look somewhere else. Teacher of a freed people robert fitzgerald and reconstruction reconstruction and. For our other educational materials on this period in united states history, click here. Displaying all worksheets related to civil reconstruction. At the same time, the black codes passed in most southern towns, cities, and states curtailed those rights and opportunities. Although the war was over, southerners were still resentful and angry with northerners. Do not pass out the cartoon or the reconstruction amendments and their effects paper yet. Texas civil war and reconstruction 18611874, one of 12 eras of texas history, is a fourpart teksaligned unit that includes all of the nonfiction informational text, a balanced mix of higher and lower level activities, and interactive notebook activities for creating four texas vocabulary organi. Worksheets are unit title reconstruction grade level, reconstructionafterthecivilwar grade, georgia studies 8 grade, eighth grade social studies primary documents and, civil war and reconstruction unit, a teachers guide to the reconstruction era and the, reconstruction reading. From the beginning of the civil war and his first inaugural address, lincoln was focused on returning all regions of. Matching historical understandings for reconstruction.

Lincoln reconstruction plan december 1863 abraham lincoln had thought about the process of restoring the union from the earliest days of the war. We have photos, worksheets, outlines, puzzles, and more. Teaching ideas, informational texts, response pages, worksheets, minibooks, plays, and research projects explore important figures and events, and the effects of the war on life and culture in. This lesson provides the opportunity for students to examine a civil war battle in depth to document the event, either in a. Here are our free educational materials on the united states civil war 18611865. There were very few families on either side who did not mourn the. The first shots of the civil war rang out on april 12, 1861, when the confederate army attacked fort sumter, south carolina. It is used as a part of the activity create a magic lantern show, but it can be used on its own to help students classify reconstruction documents. Districts are encouraged to customize this lesson by supplementing with districtapproved resources, materials, and activities to best meet the needs of learners. As class time is limited, it can be challenging to address all. President lincolns plan to reunify the country after the civil war was called reconstruction, and this quizworksheet combo will help you test your understanding of. You will be able to choose which causes you would like to complete from the list below.

Kansasnebraska act 1854 allowed the people in each new state to vote on whether or not they wanted slavery c. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. This worksheet helps students match primary source documents with three historical understandings for reconstruction. His guiding principles were to accomplish the task as rapidly as possible and ignore calls for punishing the south. We general lee dont find jokes about the civil war to be very funny. This is a fun alternative to learning that is current and engaging. Abraham lincoln had thought about the process of restoring the union from the earliest days of the war. We will use these at the end of class to confirm each students prediction.

The civil war and reconstruction era brought about the end of slavery and the expansion of civil rights to african americans through the th, 14th, and 15th. Effects of the war the civil war curriculum middle curriculum compelled in any criminal case to be a. In 1865, the th amendment was ratified, abolishing slavery in the united states. Three plans for reconstruction lincolns plan president lincoln was never able to carry out his plan for reconstruction, which was referred to as the ten percent plan. Matching historical understandings for reconstruction worksheet. The fourteenth and fifteenth amendments, passed as part of reconstruction, gave civil rights to americans of all races. The civil war had preserved the union and abolished slavery at a cost of over 600,000 dead.

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